Best use UG log files to reproduce your operation

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Using UG log files, the staff cannot click the start button to reproduce your operation process

1 What is the log text? The last three kinds of equipment are supporting equipment parts that cooperate with the impact testing machine to do impact experiments

whenever you start a new UG process, the system will create a log file for the process. This log will record every operation of UG and the results of system operation

usually, this file is stored in the directory c:temp. Moreover, the preferential conditions are issued. The file name is:

"your user name + a random string.Syslog "

2. If you can't find your log file

you need to set UG to save your log file. The method is as follows:

o ugs150ugiiugiiu en calibrate the hardness tester with a standard block before measurement t

o find and modify to achieve the following settings


1. How to reproduce your operation process with log file?

o at c:tempfind the corresponding log file under the directory (you can search by your user name and modification time)

o start a new UG process

o macro - playback - select your log file - OK

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