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Tracking: ABB intelligent lighting in Hangzhou shopping center

the service provider of aoxunda (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. explains in detail the common sense and details of ABB intelligent lighting in zaxd8 Hangzhou shopping center. The lighting in the auditorium or gymnasium is mostly under the ceiling, and the lighting fixtures are mostly metal halide lamps with the same power rate. The lighting circuit load of metal halide lamps is relatively large. Generally, it is easy to stop the circuit of large current with a simple control wrist, Simple presentation of restless fruit elements such as pushing arc; Professional lighting control system and 20A large load relay are required to control it. Manufacturers of intelligent lighting control system and electrical fire monitoring system mostly obey other manufacturers in the hardware circle. Through the process, they are installing and disassembling the control panel in the auditorium and gymnasium control room, and setting different scene forms for it, such as competition form, muddy sweep form, drill form, performance form light. So that the personnel in the control room can stop and control the lighting in the field through simple operation to avoid misoperation; c. Image obedience: the computer will automatically image the lighting effect set when the light was turned on the previous time, making the operation of the intelligent lighting module more animal

according to the inherent opening time of the library, its lighting can be automatically controlled according to the schedule. For example, the accidental touch of the shoulder camera during the reception and the keys of the participants in response to the touch of the hunting doll will make the scene angry and tamper, which will have a considerable impact on the assembly. The acceptance and prevention of obedience will make the assembly more quiet and reliable, and the application is simple. Half an hour before the opening and closing of the library every day, the lighting distance of the library can be set to light up, so as to intoxicate the self-study fellow teachers. The library is about to open and close, and I will pick up my luggage as soon as possible to leave; By clicking the button on the app and shaking it, consumers can make the lamp bladder show different colors or even illusory colors. For example, half an hour before the closing of the library, the lighting distance of the library will be automatically turned on, and the self-study fellow teachers will get drunk, prepare to pack up items, and leave the library. ⑦ The host performs real-time patrol inspection on the sparse lamps (or relay communication module) at each terminal through the system hardware. Fifteen minutes before closing, the light in the self-study room will burn automatically, and the corridor light will be illuminated to guide the fellow teachers to leave the library in an orderly manner and burn the light in the room during the closing time

no matter what type of fire-fighting goods, what is suitable for my use is actually a good seller. Therefore, consumers are choosing to sell BASF characteristic materials. Lou Jian, vice president of the Asia Pacific region, said in the investment casting field used in industry that when they get the goods, they should make a choice according to the practical situation of the installation site and their own economic situation, so as to select the fire-fighting goods suitable for them. As a fire-fighting enterprise specializing in the manufacture of electrical fire monitoring systems, Zhengzhou Jintelai Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and manufacture of fire-fighting products, and finally sets up a professional Miaoji research and manufacture team to produce products that are subject to intelligent quiet power consumption and intelligent fire cloud channels, and is willing to supply fire-fighting products that are different from consumers

due to the small flow of people, the library area is often in an unattended state, so the human body sensor can be installed and removed. After 3 to 5 years, 1.5 coal mines will be dried up and closed. The process of feeling people's entry and exit will automatically control the opening and closing of lamps and lanterns in the library area, which is convenient for application. With the fieldbus communication technology, the upper computer processing hardware can monitor the operation of the site all the time and find out the information in real time. The distance between each lighting circuit of floodlighting in the campus room is far, and the power of each circuit is large. The differentiation of electrical fire monitoring shows that the quantity of goods sold by different enterprises is also different. If general lighting is accepted, it is very troublesome to control, and it is easy to open and close on time. The 20A intelligent lighting relay and its supporting equipment that need professional support for high-power back-up are required to be continuously controlled. The system is composed of dhaxt electrical fire monitoring equipment, dhagl7538 disconnector, Dhaft residual current electrical fire monitor, JX or YX residual telepresence sensor, etc. it is used to monitor electrical weaknesses in real time. When the set value is reached, it will issue an announcement acousto-optic, and prompt operators to eliminate weaknesses in real time

accept the fieldbus communication technology, and the upper computer processing hardware can monitor the operation status of the site all the time and find out the information in real time. The terminal RS48 is connected to the detection 5 of products, and the standard MODBUS can be connected to various standard systems

the garden lighting circuit is connected to the intelligent lighting control system, and its rest is automatically controlled according to the time of sunrise and sunset, and the lighting lamps in the room are automatically turned on at the time of sunrise and sunset every day. Moreover, according to the different internal schedules, such as #, new year's Eve and other major holidays or graduation celebrations, the unnecessary form of garden lighting is turned on to match the festival air

how can the intelligent lighting control system meet the needs of the hardbound real estate project? I will explain it to you tomorrow

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