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The Shanghai Fair will create an artificial intelligence experience and exchange platform, and cooking robots will become popular

original title: This fair will create an immersive Artificial Intelligence experience and exchange platform - when robots become the "standard" of ordinary citizens' life

what can robots do? Press a button in the kitchen to get "man Han banquet"; There are "soft cute" robots running errands for 24 hours in the hotel; Say goodbye to the queue at the bank and enjoy VIP exclusive services at any time... When artificial intelligence (AI) comes into reality from its dream, robots have entered all aspects of ordinary citizens' lives

in line with the "22" Ai development policies issued by Shanghai and the goal of creating a highland for AI development, this China (Shanghai) international technology import and Export Fair (Shanghai Fair) will create an immersive AI experience exchange platform to let robots "compete together". Yesterday, we went to camp in advance to see which robots were about to enter our lives

cooking robot: the Chinese food preparation method revolution of three men of science and technology

a restaurant will appear in the exhibition hall of the Shanghai fair. You can order a set meal for 28 yuan, which looks a little ordinary, but the production method of these dishes is not ordinary - they all come from a cooking robot that looks like a refrigerator. As long as you put in four clean dishes, the machine will automatically stir fry them. A few minutes later, a Chinese hot dish served by a famous chef will be out of the oven

at the Shanghai Trade Fair, where the post-80s national post office has now encouraged enterprises to recycle express packaging, and the post-90s developers are in charge, the developers of this "Weiba" robot are three graduate classmates from the 1980s, with an average age of "60+"

Heqing, chairman of Shanghai Aifan robot Group Co., Ltd., told that this project has been "tossing" since ten years ago with the gradual deepening of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". In July 2017, at a science and technology exhibition in Hangzhou, cooking robots became popular, which means that research and development has come to an end and mass production promotion has begun. He Qing revealed the logic of research and development: to complete a dish, six basic actions, such as stir frying and feeding, were required, while the three science men used automatic control technology to split these actions, leading to the innovation of Chinese food preparation methods

at present, cooking robots are entering the stage of mass production, and Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou will become the first three cities to land. He Qing revealed that at the Shanghai fair, in addition to the immersive experience mode of "restaurant", enterprises will also build a kitchen with only four square meters on site - the traditional stove and kitchen range hood have disappeared, and cooking robots, integrated steaming and baking boxes, rice cookers and dishwashers will form a new combination to provide a more convenient life for young people

business service robot: it has been "on duty" in a variety of scenes.

in the creative Robot Museum in kovos, the first thing to see is kovos public service robot "Wangbao". Does this robot with a "LCD" head look familiar? Yes, it will be "seventy-two changes". In addition to the structural principle of the wheel wrench strength and endurance fatigue testing machine, it can be competent for the welcome waiter of the museum, and it can also work in banks, procuratorates, supermarkets, scenic spots and hospitals. As long as its "brain" is filled with professional knowledge, communication and guidance are nothing

when it comes to covos, many people's first reaction is the floor sweeping robot. However, at this year's Shanghai Trade Fair, the "protagonist" is "Wangbao", which will show the application ability of various industries in the working scene in the artificial intelligence exhibition area. It is reported that relying on the technology accumulation of self-developed sports platform for more than ten years, "Wangbao" robot is equipped with slam indoor mobile positioning and navigation technology, which can ensure full scene service. In addition, natural language processing technology and human-computer cooperation technology are seamlessly connected, which can accurately and quickly obtain users' intentions and make human-computer communication smooth and natural

Dong Jidong, deputy general manager of covos business, said that the service robot in the commercial field is a rapidly developing field. At present, more and more emphasis is placed on the landing application of technical capabilities, and the core competitiveness lies in the core technology independently developed. At present, covos commercial robots have successfully passed the China robot certification (CR certification), and "participated in the formulation of a number of industry standards, hoping to enter more application fields through the Shanghai fair

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