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Tractor Market: traditional Daka takes the initiative to seek change, and cross-border enterprises strongly follow up

the domineering "Oriental red", the heroic "deer green", the majestic "big iron cow", and the "Mountain King" of Qingxin Junyi. At the 2017 China International Agricultural Machinery exhibition, the tractors everywhere are cooler and more handsome. Which one do you like best? What are the new trends in the tractor market

accelerate the implementation and utilization of carbon fiber composites in the fields of high-speed railway headstock and so on.

"Star" products are favored.

there is no doubt that in the tractor market, those long-standing "Star" products, with strong technical accumulation and mass base, will always be the "heart and soul" of users

at the Yituo exhibition stand in China, Dongfanghong lf2204 power shift tractor is well deserved to be the number one "Star". Its fiery momentum gives people a strong visual impact and is extremely beautiful. This real "Big Mac" among domestic independent brands at present can be described as the "Top Star" of the whole exhibition, attracting many visitors to watch and take group photos

in the Lovol heavy industry exhibition area, the domineering Arbos tractor was presented, the high-quality and practical Gordoni orchard type special tractor was unveiled, and Lovol opal High-power Tractor was on the stage. The audience at the meeting drove Arbos tractors one after another. The president of an agricultural machinery cooperative from Heilongjiang said, "it's really exciting. My cooperative is short of several such tractors. I need to order several quickly."

Zoomlion pl2604 tractor also attracted the attention of many customers at the exhibition. In order to win the voice of its own brand agricultural machinery on the stage of high-end products, Zoomlion actively promoted intelligent manufacturing and lean production, and achieved major breakthroughs in the field of high-power tractors. Pl2604 tractor is a high-end High-power Tractor launched by Zoomlion after pl2304 tractor was put on the market in mass production. Pl2604 tractor adopts full power shift gearbox, which can shift gears without stopping under various operating conditions. Equipped with auto drive system, it can realize automatic driving, and is widely applicable to precision operations in agricultural production such as farming and field management

Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery exhibited a wide range of tractor products, ranging from more than 50 horsepower, more than 70 horsepower to more than 100 horsepower, and the highest horsepower was increased to 220 horsepower. It is reported that at present, the annual sales volume of Dongfeng brand large and medium-sized wheeled tractors reaches 50000 units, ranking third in the industry, with a market share of 12%

Tianjin tractor Co., Ltd., which has a long history, has brought eight giant "iron cows", highlighting the "evergreen" style of tractor enterprises. In addition, in recent years, the tractors launched by "new stars" in industries such as Weifang Baili, Yantai Dongqi and Xuzhou Kyle have also been particularly eye-catching and won the favor of many audiences

new products win high popularity

as the annual agricultural machinery drama, China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition is the best platform for enterprises to launch new products and win popularity. At this year's international agricultural machinery exhibition, many new tractors were unveiled and received high attention

John Deere unveiled the new model 2704 of 8R Series tractors at the exhibition, and invited the first batch of user representatives of 8r-2704 to witness this exciting moment with John Deere global, Chinese management and on-site audiences. It is reported that the new model released this time is a more suitable product tailored for Chinese users, which integrates the world's leading technology of Deere. 8R Series tractors adopt John Deere Powertech 9.0l 6-cylinder engine, and the large reserve torque engine can improve the tractor's ability to adapt to load changes under changing ground conditions; 16x4 full power shift gearbox, comfortable air suspension seat that can rotate 40 degrees to the right, and support Chinese. Among them, the 150000 ton die forging hydraulic press made in Germany is the color touch screen control center of the die forging hydraulic press interface with the first forging capacity and the first precision in China, which is conducive to a leap in work efficiency; The whole vehicle is equipped with 10 computer modules and 20 sets of software to detect and control the operation of the tractor. The highly intelligent 8R tractor provides humanized auxiliary functions, such as light programming, dual speed field cruise, etc. the number of orders received by ge9x is equivalent to the amount of 300 aircraft. With isobus, it is easy to connect advanced machines and tools, and the integration of ATI automatic navigation system plug and play, which fully reflects the superior performance of Deere Intelligent High-power tractors. This time, based on the original 29043204 two models, the new 8r-2704 model is released, so that more Chinese users can benefit from the high benefits brought by advanced products

AGCO launched a new Massey Ferguson "global series" comfortable/elite tractor at the exhibition. Wang Ji, general manager of AGCO (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and general manager of sales and marketing in China, said, "this is the result of our market research. It is a product that has been painstakingly developed for the Chinese market and Chinese users. I believe it will become the choice of many users."

in addition to displaying the high-profile variable-frequency tractor sd1604plus, sardine heavy industry also brought three series of new tractors: paddy field, dry field and multi-function. Sd2204 and sd1854 have strong power, sd1004 and sd804a operate efficiently, sd804 and sd6o4 have multi-function and multi terrain matching. The appearance of the products is operated by famous Italian designers, and there are more than 500 technical improvements from parts processing to machine application. It is reported that sardine exhibition received more than 400 dealers on the spot, and the participating prototypes were looted and sent directly to the market

at this exhibition, Wuzheng group brought nine new agricultural equipment products such as mf1604 tractor. Mao Hong, President of China Agricultural machinery circulation association, Gao Yuanen, honorary president of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, Jiang Weidong, chairman of Wuzheng group, and others jointly unveiled the mf1604 tractor newly launched by Wuzheng. Mf1604 tractor is an ingenious work of Wuzheng group. It is equipped with Weichai high-pressure common rail Guosan engine, with reasonable front and rear weight matching and large traction, which can meet the needs of subsoiling, deep tipping and heavy-duty operations, and bring users an efficient, easy and reliable operation experience

Chongqing Zongshen babeirui Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the "Mountain King is pavic" - pavic zs554 tractor press conference at the exhibition, which attracted a large crowd. The first equi wheeled mountain folding tractor in China was shown for the first time, which shocked the audience. It is reported that "pavic" originates from Italy and is the ancestor of equi wheel folding mountain tractor. Zongshen baberi has been authorized to produce and sell in China through the advantage of Sino Italian joint venture

in addition, among the 18 products displayed by ward agricultural machinery, Aolong 1804a tractor was also exhibited for the first time, which also attracted a large number of interested users to consult

"cross border" tractors are thought-provoking

this year, the tractor market as a whole is depressed and tends to be saturated, but there is still room for tractors in market segments to be tapped. A reality is that China's Hilly and mountainous areas need small and medium horsepower tractors, while large-scale operations brought about by land circulation in northern China have a strong demand for high-power tractors

however, even when the tractor market is depressed, some enterprises still "enter" the tractor industry, such as yongmeng, zhongnongfa juming and other famous enterprises

at this exhibition, the debut of brave tractor attracted special attention. We can see that the two models of ym1504-f and ym1804-g tractors, with exquisite design structure, beautiful colors, novel styles and full of momentum, are as popular as the corn harvester of yongmeng at the exhibition

zhongnongfa juming tractor also attracted attention at the exhibition. It is reported that since the announcement of the new journey week of power machinery, zhongnongfa juming has further increased investment, actively operated, invested high-level technicians, developed and trial produced high-power tractors with distinctive characteristics. After scientific and technological personnel overcome difficulties, they have successfully upgraded and developed new 130 hp-200 HP tractors

according to the analysis of insiders, on the whole, although the competition in the tractor field is fierce, the industry concentration is not high. At present, in the field of high-power tractors, there are "Daka" such as Lovol, Yituo, Deere, case and so on, who firmly grasp the mainstream of the market, and there are "cutting-edge" such as humol, Dongqi and so on, who are rising to try to seize the share. Traditional enterprises are tenacious and new forces are pressing step by step. In this case, the positioning of the market is particularly important

the interview found that the main engine enterprises that basically make tractors still adhere to it. Many enterprises have also expanded their product chains and developed multi horsepower products. Even many enterprises that make tractors have made breakthroughs in the maximum horsepower of their original products, which may be the adjustment and change they take the initiative to comply with the market

experts predict that China's large and medium-sized tractor market may hit the bottom next year, but the rebound space is limited. Dazhongtuo market is both an opportunity and a challenge. In the end, we can only rely on strength to win. Farmers will pay for the products with excellent quality and reliability, better service and higher cost performance. In the tractor market, it doesn't matter how many new enterprises enter. The survival of the fittest is the king in the market, and the real winner is the one who can laugh last. It remains to be seen which tractors will stand out in the market next year

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