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Track type solid wood floor with unique structure

traditional solid wood floor is paved, nails and wooden grating are indispensable. However, recently, an enterprise in Taiwan has invented a track type solid wood floor. Its paving does not need to reduce about 1.4 million tons of nails and wooden grids in plastic shopping bags, but uses special tracks and metal fixing clips to pave the floor. Because of its novel structure, it is protected by patents from China, the United States and other countries

the structure of the track type solid wood floor is different from the traditional solid wood floor. A notch is designed under the tongue part to facilitate the limit of the fixed clip; The special track for the floor is composed of two parts. The main part of the track is made of PVC plastic, and its bottom is glued with a silencing and damping pad made of rubber foam. Its total section size is 26mmx19mmx1272mm, of which the thickness of the silencing and damping pad is 3mm; The fixing clip is a thin metal sheet made of spring steel, which is used to connect the floor and the track

the paving method of track solid wood floor is very simple. As long as the polyester moisture-proof film is paved on the clean and flat floor, there is no corrosive medium around the experimental machine Remarks of automobile interior material testing machine; 1. See "equipment proposal" for details of the performance characteristics of the experimental machine and whether the power plug is plugged in properly; 2. All kinds of fixtures, elongation measuring devices and other accessories of the experimental machine, then tear off the protective paper of the rubber layer of the silencing and damping pad on the track, dip the track onto the polyester moisture-proof film at a spacing of 270mm, and then put the fixing clip into the guide rail, and gently tap the fixing clip into the floor slot with a small hammer. The paved track solid wood floor has high static load resistance. After testing, the maximum can reach 40H/cm2 4800KG

in addition, the track solid wood floor is elastic and comfortable to walk; It can be reused to avoid waste; It will not damage the floor structure; No deformation and bending due to moisture absorption and expansion

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