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Stick to the front line for 30 years, and work silently.

stick to the front line for 30 years, and work silently.

China Construction machinery information

in the dense jungle at the foot of Bawangling mountain in Changjiang, Hainan, there is a "Asia's richest iron ore" called Hainan Shilu iron ore liquid pressure universal experiment. At present, more than 100 different single units have been reported as large pits when the machine system fails. From folk manual mining to modern mechanized operation, Shilu iron mine is famous at home and abroad for its huge reserves and high-quality iron ore. It is one of the key large mines in the country

here, 11 dressta bulldozers have worked for the mechanized production of iron ore, and four of them have been working on the mining site for nearly 30 years, making great contributions to the Shilu iron mine, which has nurtured three generations of Hainan Mining Co., Ltd

on July 20, typhoon "wimasson" just passed through the border. Feng Huawei, sales director of dressta of Tianjin Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., and polish dressta service jacket surface scratches are often caused by the twists and turns of the cable core. Expert Krzysztof szafran and spare parts expert Che Jinfu rushed to Hainan Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hainan mining") for an exchange visit, hoping to communicate, Provide customers with high-quality machine and accessories services

the richest iron ore in Asia

Changjiang Li Autonomous County in Hainan Province is an area rich in mineral resources, with more than 20 kinds of mineral resources such as iron ore, limestone, copper, cobalt, gold, quartz sand, etc., known as "Hainan cornucopia"

among them, the famous Shilu iron mine is located at the foot of Bawangling mountain, about 3 kilometers south of Shilu Town, Changjiang River. It is the largest Open-pit Iron Mine in Asia, At the same time, it is also "the richest iron ore in Asia". The cumulative proven iron ore reserves reach more than 400 million tons, with an average grade of 51.2% and a maximum grade of 68%. Shilu iron ore is (with) The reserves of raw cobalt ore are 3.75million tons and the amount of cobalt metal is 9987 tons. In addition, the pressure of raw material cost and energy cost of limestone reserves is also very rich, with the proved b+c+d reserves of 98million tons

Shilu iron mine has a history of about threeorfour years since ancient folk manual mining. Iron ore is famous at home and abroad for its high quality and grade, and is one of the key large mines in the country. Shilu iron mine once fell into the hands of the Japanese, and it has been mined for more than 60 years since the Chinese recaptured it. It is precisely it that has nurtured three generations of Shilu iron miners

Shilu Iron Mine covers a total area of 60 square kilometers. The mining area has a variety of mechanical equipment for mining, fully realizing mechanized operation. It has become a modern large-scale open-pit mine, which has been renamed Hainan Mining Co., Ltd

dressta's persistence

in the mining area, whether it is a mechanical equipment administrator or a bulldozer captain, whether it is a dressta bulldozer driver or a bulldozer driver of other brands, or a maintenance team, They all affectionately call dressta bulldozer "Polish push". Once "Polish push" "Now it has become a product of Liugong, which shortens its distance from domestic users such as Shilu iron mine.

Shilu iron mine has 7 Liugong loaders in addition to bulldozers. The fate between Shilu Iron Mine and dressta bulldozers dates back to the 1980s. In June 1983, the first dressta bulldozer began to be put into use. In the past 30 years, Hainan mining has successively purchased 11 td-25 series bulldozers, Among them, 5 sets of td-25c were put into operation in June 1983 and "retired" around 2011; Five sets of td-25g have been in use since 1986. At present, one is "decommissioned" and the other four are still in use. After more than 20 years, four td-25g bulldozers are still stuck at the mining site as the main equipment in the mine. Engineer Li Weihua, head of mechanical equipment of mechanical power department of Hainan Mining Co., Ltd.: 1 set "In terms of service life, dressta is at least equivalent to three domestic bulldozers, and its failure rate is far lower than that of other brands, and the product reliability is very high.

engineer Li Weihua is mainly responsible for the management of bulldozers. She led us to the mining site, and let us appreciate the charm of dressta bulldozers.

the application of dressta bulldozers in the mining site of Shilu iron mine is mainly to level and excavate the road surface, one of which is The td-25g used is equipped with a scarifier. At present, it mainly operates on the ore dumping platform to push the dumped ore transported by the mining truck down the slope, so as to facilitate the transportation of ore by the shoveling equipment down the slope. They work an average of 8 hours a day, and almost all of them are overhauled in 2000 after more than 10 years of use. Such product quality, stability and good handling make "Polish push" a dream partner for drivers. Wu Zhen, the captain of the bulldozer, said: "after driving dressta, you won't want to drive other brands of bulldozers. It's comfortable to operate, humanized, has a wide vision, and can walk freely. The failure rate is still low. Everyone really competes to drive them. Although they are all old equipment for more than 20 years, they are still full of power, which is very rare."

Changjiang County is located in the west of Hainan Province. It is hot and humid all year round. The maintenance personnel in the mining area have done tests. In every month, the engine temperature of the equipment is generally high, which is easy to cause high temperature shutdown; The rainy season in Hainan comes every month, which aggravates the moisture in the already humid air. Coupled with the environmental conditions such as iron ore dust in the mining area, it exacerbates the wear and aging of mechanical equipment, especially the walking parts, front and rear axles and gearbox parts. It is the excellent performance and excellent stability of dressta bulldozer in the walking part, front and rear axles, gearbox and driver's cab that have won everyone's praise

take care to increase vitality

after talking about more than 20 years, the device can still work well, Engineer Li Weihua told us: "From the beginning to the present, we have strictly followed the operation manual to operate, maintain and repair the dressta bulldozer in Shilu iron mine. Generally, only the most skilled and experienced drivers in the driver team can obtain the qualification to drive them. A standard operator can reduce the damage to the equipment from the operation; we have a construction machinery maintenance team of about 12 people, who are responsible for Responsible for the maintenance of more than 60 construction machinery in the mining area. Regular maintenance, replacement of vulnerable parts, and targeted project repair when problems are found. The overhaul of dressta bulldozer is basically after many years, which is the common result of equipment quality and performance and our careful care. "

in the past 30 years, on the one hand, in order to reduce the cost of repairing dressta bulldozers, and on the other hand, due to the rapid product upgrading in recent years, the mismatch between old equipment and new accessories has caused inconvenience in maintenance, Hainan mining machinery and equipment management department has begun to cast or modify reinforced accessories by itself, and achieved good results. Shanghai south mining equipment management department insisted on seeking to purchase the original accessories of dressta bulldozer from various parties, which provided a reliable guarantee for dressta bulldozer to remain in good condition and rush to the mining site

timely service upgrading

after Liugong acquired the construction machinery business of HSW company in Poland, the development of dressta bulldozer in China has received more attention. This time, Feng Huawei, sales director of dressta of Tianjin Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., together with Krzysztof szafan, a Polish dressta service expert, and Che Jinfu, a spare parts expert, came to Hainan mining for an exchange visit. The purpose is to provide customers with more convenient and fast services from the aspect of spare parts through communication. Several experts checked the two dressta bulldozers currently in use in the mining area, inquired about the use and maintenance history, and went to the repair shop to carefully study the two dressta bulldozers under repair. After understanding the situation, the experts will record various data and listen to the feedback from the equipment management and maintenance departments. After that, they will further study, formulate better service measures for the whole machine and accessories, and provide some technical support. The dressta service experts made a special trip to communicate with the management of Hainan mining equipment, which will eventually provide Hainan mining with accessories to solve the problem of difficult to buy accessories of old equipment

facing the somewhat old dressta bulldozer, the driver, maintenance and management personnel, as its old friend for many years, said: its credit is naturally seen in the eyes, and the continued use of good equipment is the common wish and goal of Liugong dressta and Hainan mining. It is hoped that in the near future, the sales, accessories and services of dressta bulldozer will further reach loyal customers like Hainan mining to provide considerate and convenient services

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