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Stereoscopic printing has entered a new era, with unlimited market opportunities.

stereoscopic printing originates from three-dimensional image negatives. It uses the traditional production and synthesis methods of optical principles in shooting and production, so that there are great limitations in the application of stereoscopic photos. In addition, because of the expensive production equipment, complex process and technology operations, and high production costs, stereoscopic printing cannot be promoted and popularized, Therefore, stereoscopic printing is also affected by the long process flow in the prepress plate making process, the large cumulative error between processes, and the reduced picture definition, which affects the printing effect

In the 1980s, due to the development of digital technology, the development of stereoscopic printing was driven, and the production technology was also increasingly improved and stable, so stereoscopic printing entered a new era

nevertheless, the scrap rate of stereoscopic printing is still as high as 40%, mainly because the accuracy of plate making, color separation and amplitude modulation point is difficult to meet the requirements of more than 300 lines/inch, and the line angle and color printing overprint are difficult. Using the remote-controlled CPC Heidelberg four-way four-color offset press, the genuine rate of three-dimensional printing products reaches more than 85%. Thus, the quality of stereoscopic printing products is improved

in the 21st century, stereoscopic photography has entered the digital era. Stereoscopic multi image synthesis uses computer software and computer direct plate making (CTP) technology. After using CTP plate making equipment, the quality of the printing plate has been greatly improved. It can accurately copy fine dots and rich colors. The peak and valley values concerned in the experiment are actually equivalent to the process value level starting from zero. CTP plate making equipment is also convenient to use FM plus and local plus. Due to the popularity of Heidelberg printing press, the quality of three-dimensional printing has made a qualitative leap, which can be used for commercial printing and packaging printing on a large scale. Nowadays, stereolithography is applied to packaging and decoration products, commercial advertisements, science and education cartoons, postcards, New Year cards, anti-counterfeiting marks, trademark tags, mouse holders, and various credit cards due to the lack of effective supervision and management. Stereoscopic printing will provide unlimited business opportunities for customers

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