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Stereo printing technology is full of unlimited business opportunities

stereo printing originates from the three-dimensional image negatives provided by stereo photography. Although the theory of stereo photography imaging has been put forward for more than 100 years, stereo photography has developed to a certain extent in these long years. However, due to the traditional production and synthesis methods of optical principles used in the shooting and production of stereoscopic photos, there are great limitations in the application of stereoscopic photos. In addition, the production equipment is expensive, the process technology operation is complicated, and the production cost is high, so stereoscopic photography cannot be promoted and popularized. Therefore, stereoscopic printing is also used in the hood of Mercedes A-class cars, and the process flow in the prepress plate making process is long, The accumulated error between processes is large, which reduces the picture definition and affects the printing effect

in the 1980s, the advent of digitalization promoted the development of stereoscopic printing, and the production technology was becoming more and more perfect and stable, thus stereoscopic printing entered a new era. Nevertheless, the scrap rate of stereoscopic printing is as high as 40%, mainly because the accuracy of plate making, color separation and amplitude modulation point is difficult to meet the requirements of more than 300 lines/inch, and the line angle and color printing overprint are difficult. In the 1970s, the number of high-precision four-color offset printing machines in China was limited, which was difficult to meet the technical requirements of stereographic printing. Fortunately, Beijing Institute of printing provided us with printing quality assurance until the early 1980s, Using the only Heidelberg four-way four-color offset press with CPC remote control in their teaching practice factory, the genuine rate of three-dimensional printing reached more than 85%. Build our confidence in improving quality

in the 21st century, stereoscopic photography has entered the digital era. Stereoscopic multi image synthesis uses computer software, computer direct plate making, CTP technology, and FM dot high-precision printing equipment. The quality system of stereoscopic printing has been guaranteed

at present, the application scope of stereoscopic printing has not been demonstrated by a wide range of staff. Sending 3D image data on the computer to 3D printers is understood by the masses, and we cannot get rid of the concept of "treasures". Therefore, when printing is entrusted to a printing factory, there is often a situation of wanting to monopolize and use it exclusively. Now, from the perspective of market economy, we should consider as much as possible from the perspective of wider use and users who can improve the operational effectiveness when continuing experiments with a large number of experimental films, and focus on the aspects that can be used for a long time and widely as soon as possible. The application scope of stereo printing is eye-catching. This technology is applied to packaging and decoration products, commercial advertisements, scientific and educational cartoons, postcards, new year's greetings, anti-counterfeiting marks, trademark hangtags, Mouse holders, various credit cards, etc. Stereoscopic printing will provide us with unlimited business opportunities

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