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Aseptic packaging production line was launched at the headquarters of British juice supplier Cobell

British Exeter juice supplier Cobell launched a £ 500000 aseptic packaging production line at its marsh Barton headquarters. This production line is one of the four production lines in the UK, and it is used for the first time to fill 200 liter small containers. This production line is jointly operated by the main body of the British herring tensile testing machine and dynamometer in the Chinese plastic machinery market, in contrast to KGD company in Fuzhou, APV company in Crawley and flexifill company in Bristol. The packaging of Cobell company adopts pasteurization, and the non concentrated fruit juice product is injected into the sterilized paper bag container. If the container is not opened, its shelf life is nine months; If the package is opened, the shelf life of fruit juice in the refrigerator can be extended to three weeks

the company appointed Chris Baker as the product quality manager to manage the production of the production line, which is scheduled to be put into production on September 10. Nick Sprague, the founder and chairman of the company, said that the production line can fill containers of about 1000 liters per hour. If we produce at full capacity, we can fill 8000 liters of containers every day and continue to produce six days a week

the company is trying to pass the certification of new equipment by the British Retail Association and the Soil Association. Srague hopes to receive their approval documents in February 2008. Obtaining the certification of the association is a key step in the development of the company, which will prove that we are a reliable supplier

sprague and his wife founded Cobell company in 1999, and it is the largest shareholder of the company. At present, the company has a total of 17 employees. The output of the company is expected to reach 15million pounds this year, an increase of 20% compared with the same period last year

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