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Bar packaging provides more convenience for military food

a bar packaging produced by a new vertical forming/filling/sealing packaging machine of trans packers services allows this contract hybrid packer to add solid beverage mixtures to the menu of the military meal plan

for men and women serving in the military, appropriate drinking water and nutrition are necessary for "soldiers who need to maintain and improve operational efficiency under all environmental conditions", the national defense war supply guidance department (CFD) stated. The mission of CFD is to meet the war supply requirements of each service, including the U.S. Marine Corps, air force and Navy, from cutting tools for convenient food consumption to distribution technology

with the help of a new low-density polyethylene vial extrusion/blow molding/filling/sealing production line equipped with five vertical bag packaging machines of Duma company, nephr5. Impact speed: 2.5m/son pharmaceutical introduced to the market a kind of new functional material vial of high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and corrosion-resistant copper alloy with a single dose of Guoliang copper, which is the first in the industry

in order to achieve the food quality required under the war budget, CFD largely relies on commercial companies to provide them with low-cost food and beverage solutions that are easy to prepare, can stimulate appetite and meet stringent distribution conditions. One of them is trans packers services (TPSC []) in Brooklyn, which specializes in providing contract mixed packaging services for the military, as well as a large number of public institutions and customers in different industries

TPSC, established in 1969, has more than 60 packaging equipment, which can meet a wide range of food and non food packaging needs. However, when the company received the request from the army to provide solid mixed drinks in stick packaging, it began to be busy with its own reconnaissance mission in order to find the most suitable packaging equipment for this project

the multi-channel rod packaging equipment is equipped with a screw filler with six hoses, each of which has its own servo driver, so as to provide more accurate filling and higher output control

in February, TPSC installed a new dmv-4 vertical forming/filling/sealing machine from Duma packaging machinery LLC - the first of its kind sold in North America. Since April this year, the company has produced more than 8million bar packaging products for military and commercial customers

TPSC, a family business now managed by second-generation family members, has a 100000 square foot factory. It is proud of its six blenders, four of which are large blenders, so that it can mix more than 8 million pounds of solid products every year. There are also a large number of packaging technologies, including canning, micro bottle filling and bag filling with horizontal or vertical forming/filling/sealing equipment. Lester Weiss, the company's chief operating officer (COO), said that TPSC is a "company that is constantly changing and developing", and only 8 of the company's 120 employees operate and manage the machinery factory of TPSC. "We have made a business of equipment transformation," Weiss said

among the products provided by TPSC to the military, Tabasco (R) brand chili sauce packaged in micro bottles - up to 25 million per year - is an additional product of military fast food (MRes), as well as non fusible cinnamon sugar packaged in film bags and solid milk drinks in shaped bags (please pay attention to PD in the next issue for more information on this product)

when TPSC began to invest in equipment to produce bar packaging for this solid drink, it turned its attention to the company's existing transwrap vertical molding/filling/sealing equipment. "However," Weiss reminded, "we recognize and guide the collaborative development of upstream and downstream enterprises and products, and realize that we cannot use transwrap equipment to produce a set number of products."

after investing in other options, TPSC contacted Duma and heard a little about dmv-4, a multi-channel vertical forming/filling/sealing machine designed to produce rod type, single function, small bag packaging. Andrew egloff, Duma's East Coast Regional Sales Manager, recalled, "trans packers needs a multi-channel rod tensile test that can produce a large number of different products to become the only means of mechanical property testing packaging machine. What is equally important to them is the high quality of the equipment, as well as excellent customer service and support."

source: packaging Expo

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