One week's market dynamics of Jiaxing nylon yarn 8

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Shengze Jiaxing nylon silk market dynamics for a week (8.03--8.09)

in the recent week, the upstream caprolactam market continued to rise; The market price of nylon chips is still slightly higher, and the silk price also has an upward trend. In the case of a slight rebound in the downstream demand for nylon, nylon polyester noodles and lining, the sales volume of nylon products in Shengze Jiaxing and Jiaxing markets also has a slight rebound momentum

from the trend of Shengze Jiaxing and Jiaxing, although the dynamic sales volume of 70d/24f nylon-6fdy is small this week, the price trend in the market continues to rise. City 7. The market price of accumulator is above 23000 yuan/ton, which is mainly applicable to the domestic fabrics of water jet looms, such as nylon, nylon polyester, tasilon series and other fabrics. The trading volume of nylon-6fdy100d/36f, 140d/48f and 210d/36f increased slightly this week. Among them, nylon-6fdy210d/36f is mainly used to produce polyester and nylon oxford cloth. The nylon monofilament innovation group is ready to standardize the listing quotation. Since we have activities, you may call to inquire about the increase. The demand remains good, and the trading varieties are concentrated in 20d and 30d. While the market volume and price of 30d/1f glossy nylon trilobal shaped yarn and 30d/1f glossy nylon round hole yarn are stable. Nylon FDY full dull yarn 70d/24f can be shipped in Shengze and Jiaxing this week, and the market price trend has also increased, with the market price at yuan/ton. With the demand of 160D nylon 6-aty, the price trend continues to rise, whether it is full extinction or semi extinction. It is mainly used to produce nylon Taslon fabrics

from the downstream market situation, the market sales of nylon silk interwoven semi dull 190T and 210t nylon spinning fabrics are general, and the full dull high-density Taslon, in which the mechanical property test is the most important test. At present, there is a certain sales volume in the fabric market, which is mainly used for casual wear. It is understood that weaving has shifted from plain weave to jacquard and jacquard, and the deep processing of products has expanded to coating, sanding, compounding, etc. Due to the influence of the season on the weak sales of foreign trade, the insufficient pull of domestic demand market, the structure of weaving products will be adjusted, and the nylon polyester blended fabric will play a leading role. Therefore, the downstream weaving enterprises will carefully control the purchase volume of nylon silk. It is expected that the trading volume of nylon silk market will not enlarge next week, but the silk price will rise slightly due to the cost push up

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