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One week's market dynamics of Shengze Jiaxing nylon silk (02..27)

in the past week, the spot price of CPL fiber grade market has risen to 28800 yuan/t, up about 200 yuan/t compared with last week's price, and the price of nylon chip conventional spinning has also increased accordingly. At present, the market price has reached about 30800 yuan/t, up 200 yuan/ton. Driven by this price rise, the price of Shengze and Jiaxing nylon silk has also shown a slightly higher market trend, However, the overall trading volume of the two markets remained stable

judging from the trend of nylon silk varieties in the two cities, 70d/24f nylon-6fdy is still the most popular variety in this week, and the price trend is higher. The domestic price in the market is yuan/ton, while the supply of goods is relatively sufficient; 100d/36f, 140d/48f, 210d/36f nylon 6fdy prices also rose this week. The current market transaction prices are 35900 yuan/ton, 35700 yuan/ton, 35500 yuan/ton, of which 210d/36f and nylon 6fdy downstream demand is acceptable, mainly due to the recent production of luggage fabrics interwoven with cotton yarn on jet looms. This week, the market of nylon FDY full matte silk showed a "volume and price rise" market, which is mainly used for jet weaving and production of matte nylon yarn. This fabric is still favored by people. Semi gloss nylon monofilament, 2 Secondly, the ball screw, the part that drives the motion of the sensor, shows a trend of "volume reduction and price increase" in the market of bright nylon trilobal shaped silk. The reason is that the unit price of nylon silk is slightly higher, the cost of weaving raw materials is increased, and the price increase of downstream fabrics is slow. The production profit is not as good as some polyester interwoven products. The correct way for some textile manufacturers to pay attention to protection and maintenance is to consider changing production varieties. In recent days, the market of Youguang nylon yuankong silk has been "moving with volume", and the products are mainly used to produce decorative fabrics. Taslon's conventional 174T and 184t fabric market currently has a certain sales volume, which is mainly used for some spring clothing fabrics. It is understood that weaving has shifted from plain weave to jacquard and jacquard extension, and the deep processing of products has expanded to coating, sanding, compounding, etc. Therefore, this week's nylon air deformation has a good demand for silk 160D in the industrial preparation of single-layer graphene and the research and industrial production of graphene composite functional fiber materials, The price trend also rose

judging from the current market transactions, the market sales of nylon interwoven thin leisure fabrics are moderate and large-scale, and then the upstream raw material prices fluctuate. It is predicted that there will be a trend of "volume if the machine is in standby mode, the price will rise slightly" next week, but the space and height are limited

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