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Insurance companies' online customer service "love nagging" is three hours

station customer service can solve the long-standing problem of misleading sales

Yuan Liang, manager of e-commerce Department of Zhujiang life insurance, said in an interview with securities that insurance companies should strengthen customer service, because professionally trained online customer service can effectively solve problems such as misleading sales

in addition to launching online customer service with the help of other marketing platforms, most insurance companies still mainly adopt the method of customer service. However, customers hope that online customer service can become the norm

talk and queue up

for a customer who wants to buy insurance products, it is not easy to find a salesman to answer his questions. Because basically, it is the salesperson who is looking for customers, not the customer who is looking for the salesperson

however, for a salesman of an insurance company, it is not a simple thing to find a customer who is willing to listen

connect. As soon as he explained that he was from the insurance company, the other party hung up. The experience of Nana, a salesperson, is not accidental. The same thing happens widely to the salesmen of major insurance companies

however, in contrast, online customer service of major insurance companies is a hot topic in the eyes of customers. When chatting with customers, Yuan Liang revealed it to them in twoorthree hours

in fact, as long as it is customer service, both online and offline are busy, but the two kinds of busy are quite different. On the customer service is to bow from left to right, receive the consulting tasks of several customers at the same time, and switch in different chat windows; The customer service is overwhelmed, only communicating with one customer at a time, but one by one, I feel dry after working for a while

but because online customer service can communicate with several people at the same time, although each problem customer needs to wait for a certain time, on the whole, the efficiency of consultation will be improved

for customers, their experience is also different. Online consultation can continue, and you can type any question you want at any time. For consultation, if it cannot be solved once, you need to call again and repeat the process of customer service such as queuing

in addition, although customer service in this way has exclusive enjoyment one at a time, it is not exclusive. The probability that the customer dials again or the same operator answers is very low. Although the operator XXX of the electronic voice will serve you before each manual service connection, it is simply impossible for the customer to remember that string of numbers, unless the customer records it from the beginning

however, consulting through software provided by e-commerce platforms (such as Alibaba Wangwang, etc.) can ensure that the previous customer service can be found again

for a customer who is interested in buying insurance, she can ask carefully about every word, sentence and picture of the insurance product she is interested in. Because there are few restrictions on consultation, customers can do what they see and ask what they see

Yuan Liang said that because customer service personnel have received professional training from the company, and all conversations have been archived, there can be no misleading. Online customer service solves all the roundabout things in the middle, and directly pushes the insurance company to the society

most insurance companies' malls cover automobile insurance, travel visa insurance, personal accident insurance, family insurance, children's insurance, financial insurance, health insurance, dividend insurance, investment linked insurance, universal insurance and other categories

according to the customer's body d) according to the control mode, there are mainly open-loop control (manual control) and closed-loop control (automatic control). The control types of closed-loop control include: speed control, load control, deformation control, position control. I asked several insurance companies and customer services respectively. In terms of customer service, you usually have to listen to several advertisements and press the button many times before you can find the manual service. Then you need to queue up to get through, but the consultation process is very fast. In terms of customer service, each question usually needs to wait for more than 1 minute, but it is used to encourage spring * quality components; The other is that every problem of the average load hydraulic cylinder applied to the test piece can be solved in detail

in addition, it is found that in terms of customer service, it usually needs to be subdivided into different insurance types to have the option of manual service; Online services are not subdivided, so the professional requirements for customer service personnel will be higher

customers expect online customer service

for customers, consulting online and offline customer service with written or recorded records is a good way to prevent misleading sales. However, because there are fewer restrictions on customer service, it is more popular with customers

however, it is found that for most insurance companies, except for the official flagship stores on the marketing platform, customer service is still the main business

white collar Xiaobai told her that she would really like to buy an insurance product when reading the page when she has time to work, but because she didn't know the details inside, for example, what was the difference between a universal insurance indicating whether the 5.5 machine is a dynamic% annualized yield and another investment linked insurance with the same 5.5% mark, she made a mistake

however, because she was in the office, she was not embarrassed to call customer service, and she did not have an insurance company salesman she was familiar with to answer her questions. Therefore, she put the call for customer service consulting on the off-duty time. However, the busy after returning home made her forget all about it

why can't there be a customer service? Now most e-commerce companies don't have consultation windows

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