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Full time lecture hall: education is not short of good content and platform

at present, it is an era of Internet subversion. Traditional industries, whether voluntary or forced, have been involved in the so-called Internet marketing. In recent years, the three giants of Internet bat have entered the field of education. At the same time, with many training institutions offering courses, education has undoubtedly become a focus of competition in the field of o2o. At this time, the full-time lecture hall, as the first 3D education platform in China, officially opened with a low profile

the beautiful era of education is coming.

learning English, music and public classes are not new to people. Since 2013, several landmark events have burst out in the education industry: Baidu and Alibaba launched Baidu education and Taobao students respectively, Tencent launched QQ education and Tencent University, and Internet companies such as e-commerce, Sina, 360 and Jinshan also launched their own educational products. It seems that the super war in the education industry is imminent, but it can be said that traditional education has ushered in a beautiful era. In the era of fragmentation, learning at the fingertips has become inevitable and necessary

full time CEO Chen Xuejun pointed out that the greatest characteristics and advantages of education are that there is no place at all times, teaching and learning grow together, and learning and teachers. However, education has never been simply recording teaching videos and uploading courseware to the Internet, nor keeping the computer for 24 hours to answer questions and solve puzzles. Real education is completely centered on the audience, using the large amount of information and data on the platform, and constructing learning content by itself through the precision processing tools of information. The most beautiful original intention of education is to educate students to feel the passionate teaching atmosphere and the most real and effective educational interaction

interactive education without walls makes youth bloom.

with the further development of cloud computing and mobile Internet technology, the requirements of education for platform performance and functions have also increased significantly. Chen Xuejun pointed out that teaching and learning in the full-time lecture hall are not limited by the conditions of time, space and place. The flexible and diversified channels of knowledge acquisition and the advantages of audio and video interaction, data collaboration, work collaboration, low-cost investment, convenience and ease of use of the system have been favored and widely used by education and training companies

in fact, in the sense of interconnection, education does not lack good content, but an efficient operation platform. Education is always serious and precise, not to mention that extensive education is never allowed. Compared with the knowledge transmission of school education and the frequent interaction between teachers, students and teachers, the incubation of the education platform of the full-time lecture hall has become Taobao in the field of education. Scholars can even DIY their own exclusive lecture hall. No matter what age group of students, they can make their youth hot and bloom again here

open a larger window of education to witness the miracle of education

plastic building materials are the fourth new type of basic materials after steel, wood and cement. It is understood that the full-time lecture hall can not only set up promotion courses through multiple channels, but also track the registration and registration of various channels at any time. In addition, full-time it also allows the braided tow to realize self-supporting, smooth and clear audio and video, document sharing effect and stable and reliable quality in the three-dimensional layering process of any situation. The unique guiding function, real-time switching of speech layout, and all-round service make students more comfortable and knowledgeable. Through the long-term development of the interactive area, students get more rich information and interact effectively with lecturers, opening a larger window of education

it is worth mentioning that the full-time lecture hall also integrates various social networks. During the training process, students can share their experiences at any time in their own circle of friends, get comments and forwarding. Make use of the communication power of the network community to make more people become fans of training institutions or lecturers. When the students invited by the course sales enter the training, the course sales receive the notice, participate in the training together with the students, interact well, and appoint the Spanish Plastic Technology Research Association to lead the other eight European R & D teams to complete this challenging project, which has also become the biggest competitiveness of the full-time lecture hall. The content of students' learning is also another window of the full-time lecture hall to make every effort to build education

the leading technology platform of the full-time lecture hall, the exclusive operation network and the backup mechanism with high redundancy, the training is always smooth and uninterrupted, and the global viewing has the characteristics of no dead corner, so that the heat continues, and the students also witness the real miracle of education

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