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The national standard for paper lunch boxes has been implemented for one year. 1 User needs: brand instant noodles bowls still contain fluorescent substances

according to the report of labor daily, according to relevant media reports, yesterday was the first anniversary of the implementation of the national standards for paper cups, paper bowls and paper lunch boxes. The International Food Packaging Association investigated instant noodles bowls sold in supermarkets such as Beijing and Shanghai and found that the outer packaging of most brand instant noodles bowls still contains fluorescent substances

on June 1 last year, the three standards of paper cup, paper bowl and paper lunch box were officially implemented. This year, the International Food Packaging Association selected paper cups, milk tea cups, instant noodles and fans sold in 16 large supermarkets in Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai to conduct an investigation

and manual loading

the investigation shows that the outer paper of the instant noodle bowl still needs to be improved. In the paper packaging investigation of 20 brands of instant noodle bowls, the outer paper was uncovered and the fluorescence experiment was carried out with ultraviolet light. The results showed that only the outer packaging of four brands of instant noodles, namely, uni president, doll noodles, Hewei and Nongxin, showed natural white light under the irradiation of UV lamp, and did not contain fluorescent substances, while the outer packaging of other brands of instant noodles bowls contained fluorescent substances

only in this way can the materials be qualified. At the same time, the instant noodle bowl is the most flexible, and the varnish used on the outer layer also contains hidden dangers. Dong Jinshi, Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, said that the main purpose of the light oil layer is to avoid direct contact between the ink and the human body. But in fact, varnish is a complex mixture. The International Food Packaging Association suggested that the national standard formulation department should issue food grade varnish standards as soon as possible, and make clear requirements and limits on the hygienic performance, physical and chemical indicators of varnish

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