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A week's market review and Future Trend Outlook of domestic butanone market

the operation of domestic butanone plants is basically normal except that Fushun Petrochemical stopped one set of maintenance as planned. The recent operation details of butanone units in various plants are as follows: Fushun Petrochemical (55000 tons, about 80 tons/day), Harbin Petrochemical (30000 tons, more than 80 tons/day), Lanzhou Petrochemical (30000 tons, more than 80 tons/day), Xinjiang Tianli hi tech (30000 tons, about 70 tons/day), Hebei ZOJE Petrochemical (30000 tons, about 90 tons/day), Jiangsu Taizhou Petrochemical (40000 tons, about 80 tons/day), Shandong Zibo Qixiang industry and trade (20000 tons, more than 80 tons/day) Hei Petrochemical (12000 tons, more than 40 tons/day) and other production plants are basically operating normally, of which Hebei Zoje plant will be shut down in the near future. In the domestic market, the overall performance of butanone market is light and stable, with general demand performance. Most of the downstream onlookers, and traders say the transaction situation is flat. Up to now, the mainstream market quotation in Zhangjiagang has remained at yuan/ton for most of the time, and the quotation has fallen slightly near the weekend. The high price is missing, and the low price transaction is light, which provides possible opportunities for biting wires. Traders are unstable. The market quotation in Ningbo did not fluctuate significantly this week. Now the mainstream quotation in the market hovers around yuan/ton. The market supply performance is not abundant, the transaction performance is general, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is getting stronger near the weekend. At present, the mainstream price in North China market has been hovering around yuan/ton. Traders said that the transaction situation near the weekend was general, and the wait-and-see atmosphere was strong. The butanone market in South China is relatively calm. At present, the mainstream quotation of domestic goods in the market is 11000. With the development of computer technology, the distance between the swing shaft 103 and the flexible wire or flexible wire protection device into the tested sample 101 is about x-11100 yuan/ton, and the quotation of imported goods is about yuan/ton. The wait-and-see atmosphere of market participants is still unabated

aftermarket analysis

the current butanone market has lasted for more than a week. Under the seemingly calm market atmosphere, market participants have disputes about the aftermarket trend, especially in East China, which is the most obvious. The quotation is chaotic, the traders' mentality is unstable, and the wait-and-see atmosphere has never decreased. The supply of goods in most parts of the domestic market is still not abundant, but a small amount of goods will arrive later, which may alleviate the shortage to a certain extent. At present, the maintenance of some domestic factories has provided a favorable support to the market, but the supply of other factories is normal, and the late arrival of goods has eased the shortage of goods in the market to a certain extent. In this case, it is inevitable that the maintenance of manufacturers in a short time will be a little too light to avoid heavy. At present, the market quotation has been high, and the market consolidation in a relatively long period of time has made some market participants worried. Pre open the main motor source and control the measurement system. In the short term, the domestic butanone market will be sorted out at a high level, which is likely to be accompanied by mitigation of shocks. Please be careful

import analysis

according to customs statistics, the import volume of butanone in China in September 2007 was 3334 tons, and the average price of that month was $1027/ton, a decrease of 33.98% over the previous month and 48.64% over the same month last year

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