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After one year of operation, MAGGIS India has more than 1000 dealers

after one year of operation, MAGGIS India has more than 1000 dealers

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recently, MAGGIS tire India branch received exciting news that its Indian sales network has exceeded 1000 dealer landmarks, with a total of 1018 dealers in 325 cities. MAGGIS world map, next city! All these developments took only 12 months, which shows that MAGGIS brand has a very positive growth prospect in the Indian tire market

during the warranty period,

India MAGGIS branch is an important part of the global MAGGIS group. In March this year, the first Indian plant built by MAGGIS at a cost of US $400million was officially put into operation in Gujarat. It is reported that the daily production capacity of the first phase of the factory is about 2000 motorcycle tires and 4000 inner tubes, and it is planned to occupy at least 15% of the market share of the Indian two wheeled vehicle market in the next five years

it is worth mentioning that MAGGIS India branch has great strength in digitalization and business analysis. The dealer locator on the company's website can guide customers to the nearest MAGGIS dealer, and users can also get the location of the nearest dealer through Google navigation on the website

MAGGIS' global vision is to become one of the five largest tire manufacturers in the world by 2026, which is also a large part of the reason why it aims at the Indian tire market. As the center of the world tire industry shifts to the East, the market potential of India is attracting more and more attention in the world. At the same time, with the overall rise of Indian economy, the tire industry has also entered a vigorous development stage. Rapid improvement of infrastructure, soaring domestic demand, natural rubber raw materials and strong labor support, many favorable factors make the development potential of the Indian market favored by many multinational enterprises. In addition to the passenger car market demand, a large part of the development of India's tire industry comes from the increase in the demand for two-wheel drive vehicles. According to China tire Commerce (), India is the world's largest market for motorcycles and bicycles. In the future, whether in the passenger car tire, truck tire, motorcycle and bicycle tire market, the Indian market has broad development prospects. At present, the original tire suppliers of MAGGIS in India include Honda (two wheeled vehicle), Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra Mahindra, Tata Motors and Jeep

the marketing director of India MAGGIS said when commenting on the dealer network in India: "With our in-depth development in China, network expansion is a key part of enhancing the customer experience. In order to realize that although we have to clarify the potential of the current market, we can make it easier for tire users to have the best first-class service through all dealers. We are very satisfied with the current growth rate in India, because it is a priority market for MAGGIS, which is firmly committed to expanding its presence in India."

the relevant person in charge revealed that at present, MAGGIS India branch has been carrying out dealer meetings and activities in India, so as to promote the partnership with new and old dealers, provide high-quality customer service in the regional market, and help the brand expand its influence in secondary and tertiary cities and obtain a broader customer base

due to the firm business relationship and customer-centered policy of keeping the liquid medium warm for at least 10 minutes, MAGGIS witnessed the rapid growth of the last 100 dealers in just two weeks. So far, MAGGIS has held 8 dealer meetings in 8 cities and will maintain this momentum in 2019

in addition to increasing the number of stores, MAGGIS' top priority is to improve the service quality of the channel and ensure that every step of every tire from delivery to delivery is perfect. Gaoyuan layout, high-quality products and services are indispensable magic weapons. We expect MAGGIS to rush out of Asia and go to the world and slowly unscrew the oil delivery valve

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