One week's market dynamics of nylon yarn in Jiaxin

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One week's market dynamics of nylon yarn in Shengze and Jiaxing

in the recent week (January 14-20), the nylon yarn transaction in Shengze and Jiaxing showed a shrinking trend, and the overall price of nylon yarn also showed a weak state

judging from the trend of nylon silk varieties in the two cities, the 160D sales of nylon air change silk in this week was acceptable, mainly due to the production and sales of the downstream "tasilon" series. The transaction volume of semi gloss nylon monofilament Market has decreased, especially the 30d semi gloss nylon monofilament Market, and the production of nylon interwoven scarf yarn has been reduced. The 70d/24f and 100d/36f semi gloss nylon-6fdy markets are still at the top of the trading list, but the trading is in a cautious state of "small batch and multi batch". Among them, the trading volume of 70d/24f slightly fell compared with the previous week, and 70d/24f nylon-6fdy domestic Mathur and others compared the different polymer characteristics in the fuser placement system. The quotation of this week was 27600 yuan/ton. Nylon fdy40d and 70D, which were sold in the early stage, have all disappeared. Recently, the demand has also shown signs of decline. UTM is OK, but the quality and accuracy are relatively inferior to imported electromechanical products for quality control. Recently, the downstream demand of nylon-6fdy140d and 210td in the market is acceptable, and the price is about 27800 yuan/ton. The reasons are: first, the sales of jet brocade cotton bag fabrics are good and the production of aircraft is large; Second, the market trading volume of spring sweaters is stable

from the downstream market situation, although the current nylon fabric sales have not been in peak sales in recent years, the market share of nylon polyester interwoven fabrics is gradually rising, and the weaving production profit is overwhelmingly better than polyester interwoven fabrics. However, due to the rising downtime rate of downstream weaving mills, the trading volume of nylon yarn will not rise next week, and the price trend may still appear stable and weak market under the influence of the decline of upstream raw material prices

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