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One week's market dynamics of Shengze Jiaxing nylon silk (12.01--12.07)

business agency, December 8 - in the past week, the price trend of Shengze and Jiaxing nylon silk has stopped falling and stabilized, but the trading volume on the market has shown a downward trend. According to the transaction dynamics of Shengze and Jiaxing, the demand for nylon fdy70d and nylon air textured yarn 160D is relatively concentrated in the market. At present, the domestic price of nylon-6fdy70d/24f is 18500 yuan/t. The price trend of semi gloss nylon 20d/1f and 30d/1f is stable, but the recent market trading volume of semi gloss nylon monofilament is acceptable. Youguang nylon trilobal shaped yarn is barely marketable in the market. It is mainly used to produce a "Paris yarn" wedding fabric, which is still in demand in the "Spring Festival" market in 2009. Youguang nylon round hole wire 30d/1f market needs only 2 hours to defrost slightly, and its products are mainly used for weaving and producing decorative fabrics. The average daily trading volume of nylon FDY full dull silk 40d market decreased slightly, and the price trend changed little, while 70D trading was ok, mainly used for the production of conventional nylon spinning 210t, etc. Nylon-66dty has a relatively small market turnover recently, and the low price in the early stage of the price trend disappeared

from the downstream market situation, the overall transaction of nylon silk interwoven fabric is better than polyester fabric. Although the fabric price has been reduced at present, some Taslon will achieve an annual operating income of more than 1billion yuan, and the coated nylon textile transaction will be in a good state. It is estimated that the demand for nylon silk in the future will rebound, and the use efficiency is expected to be improved. The transaction volume of nylon silk market in the future will be moderately enlarged, and the price trend is difficult to rebound

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