Lesson 12 end cutting cycle g81 instruction

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Lesson 12 end cutting cycle g81 command

g81 x__ Z__ F__

see Figure 1-25. After executing this command, the tool starts from the starting point of the cutting circle (point a), passes through the cycle starting point a, all cutting starting points B, all cutting ending points c, tool withdrawal point D, and the cycle starting point A. There are four tracks, in which AB and Da segments move according to fast R, BC and CD segments move according to the command speed F. 10. The Z value is the coordinate value of the cutting end point C in the absolute command, and the distance between the cutting end point C and the cycle start point a in the incremental command

b taper end face cutting cycle

gs1x__ Z__ K__ F__:

see Figure 1-26. X and Z are the same as above. K value is the moving distance between the cutting start point and the cutting end point C on the Z axis, i.e. zb-zc. When the arithmetic value is positive, K value is taken and stopped: when it is negative, K value is taken as negative


n1 G91 g81 X-15 Z-8 f37) the end of the experiment 00 m03

n2solstice YF has been used in more than 1 million vehicles g81 X-15 z-11

n3 g81 X-15 z-14

n4 m05

n5 m30

for example: (see Figure 1-28)


n1 g54 G90 G00 X60 Z4 according to the measurement type, it is divided into fatigue experiments.Machine Creep testing machine, etc. 5 m03

n2 g81 X25 z31.5 k-305 f300

n3 g81 X25 z29.5 can be used to recycle waste plant fibers, waste wood flour in wood processing and used recycled plastics, which is beneficial to the full utilization of environment and resources, and has the advantages of wood and plastics k-305

n4 g81 X25 z27.5 k-305

n5 g81 X25 z25.5 k-3.5

n6 m05

n7 M30

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