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With ingenuity and wisdom, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. ushered in the entry of new employees in 2018

with ingenuity and wisdom, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. ushered in the entry of new employees in 2018

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midsummer, the sun is blazing, and another group of young people with dreams and hopes joined Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. In order to express the welcome and expectation to the new colleagues, the new staff welcome ceremony of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. was held in the multimedia classroom on the first floor of the company on the morning of July 18. Mr. Fang Qingxi, President of Nanfang road machinery mixing college, Mr. Huang Wenjing, executive president, Honorary Presidents Mr. Chen liming, Mr. Peng Siming, Mr. Wang Bihui, Ms. Yi Ping, vice president, Mr. Yang zengting, Mr. Xi Xing, business department ministers, and nearly 40 new employees from domestic universities attended the welcome meeting

many of the new employees are from key universities such as Central South University, Jimei University, Fujian Institute of engineering, Xiangtan University, Beijing University of information technology, Shaanxi University of technology and other key majors, such as mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, energy and power engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation. They will enter the company's R & D, design, production, management, marketing and other departments

at the orientation meeting, Ms. Yi Ping, vice president of mixing college, first introduced in detail the 2018 new employee training plan, training methods and career development channels, and said that the entry of new forces will inject new vitality into the company's inheritance and development and iterative innovation. At the same time, for this new employee induction training, the company will combine workshop practice with sand table simulation of mixing college to help employees quickly improve their working ability, In addition, excellent lecturers are selected within the company to provide "one-on-one" guidance for each new employee, so that they can learn more concretely and effectively, so as to promote the rapid growth of employees

the college leaders who attended the orientation meeting expressed their welcome and expectations for the new employees, and hoped that everyone would maintain a high enthusiasm for learning, establish a correct learning attitude, work hard and forge ahead

Mr. Huang Wenjing, the executive dean, took his own work experience as an example to encourage everyone to work hard, maintain a modest attitude and work steadily; Mr. pengsiming, the honorary president, introduced the development history of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. and hoped that everyone would know more about the development of the enterprise and integrate into the Nanfang road machinery family as soon as possible

Mr. Yang zengting, vice president, emphasized the influence and driving effect of values on the growth of employees. He said that people should be self-improvement, diligent and willing to share successful experiences with others. In addition, they should also maintain the ability of self-growth and self-learning

Mr. Wu Zhengde, Minister of solid waste business department, said that young people must pay attention to the development of their career, correct their learning attitude, study steadily, and take doing their own work as the first

Mr. Yi Zhensheng, the director of the production center, hopes that new employees should maintain the unique optimism and upward spirit of young people, maintain curiosity and gratitude, actively make progress and keep forging ahead. Learn from others' advantages, sum up experiences and lessons, and constantly find suitable learning methods to avoid impact and dust entering your own, so as to improve your own ability

president Fang Qingxi delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the company and the college. He recalled his struggle in his youth and exhorted everyone to cherish time, maintain passion, move forward steadily, study hard, lay a good foundation for their own development and contribute to the development of the company. At the same time, he stressed that today is the first day for everyone to join Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd., and everyone should fall in love with the electrical components of the wood-based panel universal experimental machine, some of which are composed of display, measurement and control, and some of which are invested. They should exercise themselves solidly and show the style of the new generation of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. with their own ways and actions

president Fang's speech was highly echoed among new employees. Lin min, a new employee of the marketing center, said with emotion, "after the sharing of all leaders, I was deeply shocked by the spirit of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. focusing on mixing for 28 years, and I am proud to be a member of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd." Zhou Xin from the technology department said, "I will quickly integrate into Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. and strive to become an excellent Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.

ingenuity and intelligent manufacturing are passed on from generation to generation. Since its establishment in early 2017, Nanfang road machinery mixing college has continuously increased investment in the construction of software and hardware facilities. In terms of construction progress, the three training bases currently planned have completed the construction of infrastructure, and the supporting practical teaching aids are also being made in full swing; all the The decoration of the functional classroom and the main trapezoidal classroom has also entered the final stage, and is expected to be put into use by the end of this month. In terms of curriculum development, the functional departments of the technology center and the product business departments have fully mobilized to invest in the development of teaching materials and formulated relevant plans. The first batch of teaching materials will be developed by the end of July, mainly for the 18 new employees, and more people will be injured or killed in this accident. With more than 20 years of technical precipitation, Nanfang road machinery mixing college will continue to increase investment in technology and talents, focus on mixing, constantly develop high-quality practical courses, improve student management and skill improvement system, and strive to cultivate excellent craftsmen for China's machinery industry. The software design of the lower computer takes into account the real-time and accuracy of control

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