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Lenovo launched an ultra light and thin display as thin as a tablet

taking into account the actual situation of high noise in some large-scale pumping stations supporting the fatigue testing machine, Lenovo launched a portable display specially designed for mobile office workers at the MWC 2019 exhibition held in Barcelona, which is called thinkvision M14. It's like a mainstream tablet device in the market. This portable monitor is very light and thin, and it won't be a burden for you to put it in your suitcase. Lenovo staff in charge of the demonstration described it as "like paper"

in terms of parameters, thinkvision M14 portable display is equipped with 1920 * 1080 resolution, 300nits brightness and screen with advanced anti glare coating, and the thickness of the whole device is 4 6mm in Beijing, it weighs 1.3 pounds (595g), and there is a bracket on the back of the monitor that can adjust the height, so as to enhance the comfort of use

it is worth mentioning that in the process of use, thinkvision M14 does not need an additional power adapter. It only needs to be connected to a laptop or desktop PC through the USB type-C port. In addition, this monitor also supports USB type-C port expansion. When acting as an LCD monitor, you can charge the notebook through usb-c port or connect another monitor

the control accuracy can reach 0.5

one of the main advantages of thinkvision M14 is the anti glare coating. Foreign media AnandTech gave a very high evaluation after it started on the scene. The screen display effect is like an image printed by a high-definition printer. And foreign media believe that the anti glare coating of this LCD is better than that used on ThinkPad series notebooks

mobile office workers usually need to use a large display or a combination of two smaller displays. Although the large screen is more suitable for the workplace, it is not convenient for mobile office with a display of more than 24 inches, so many mobile office workers will be uncomfortable with the routine operation on the laptop. In recent years, the main experimental results of many microcomputer controlled tensile testing machines are far from surplus. Digital display companies have launched a 15 inch portable display specially designed for mobile office people. The thinkvision M14 launched by Lenovo this time is not only designed for ThinkPad series, but also has many advantages, such as usb-c expansion, adjustable bracket, anti glare coating and so on

thinkvision M14 is expected to go on sale in May this year, with a retail price of $249

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